Peter Horowitz, FinTech Innovation Thought Leader, Joins OpenLegacy’s Advisory Board

    Posted by Debra Mendes on October 05, 2018

    Reston, Va., October 5, 2018 -- OpenLegacy, the leader in delivering microservices-based API integration and management for core and legacy systems, announces that Peter Horowitz, a client partner of Motive Partners, has joined the OpenLegacy board of advisors. Motive Partners is a sector-specialist investment platform with expertise, connectivity, and capabilities to create long-term value in financial technology businesses.

    Mr. Horowitz has an extensive background in financial technology. He previously served as a partner at PwC, where he co-led the capital markets technology and operations practice. Due to his work in the trenches of digital transformation, Mr. Horowitz has joined the board with a seasoned eye about how OpenLegacy’s technology can accelerate adoption of fintech, allowing faster innovation within an industry overly dependent on legacy systems.

    OpenLegacy delivers a modern approach to integration in mission-critical environments. OpenLegacy’s technology bypasses middleware, allowing cloud, web, and mobile applications to communicate seamlessly with legacy systems. Delivering business value, not infrastructure, OpenLegacy accelerates the DevOps and digital transformation pipeline. OpenLegacy’s approach bypasses the multiple layers of middleware, so applications and new features can be rolled out much more quickly, and conform to existing DevOps best practices.

    OpenLegacy shortens development and deployment time for implementation, allowing large financial institutions to maintain and increase their competitive advantage by offering the latest digital services without investing years and millions in digital transformation projects.

    “Joining the OpenLegacy board allows me to make critical connections between established financial players and the hottest fintech start-ups,” said Mr. Horowitz. “Customers demand the latest in fintech, and OpenLegacy provides the technology that ensures they can use it.”

    Mr. Horowitz’s background includes projects where he delivered strategy and large-scale transformation projects for global banks, broker dealers and asset managers. Transformations included rationalizing middle and back office systems, consolidating multiple broker dealers on to a single platform. Additionally, he drove key innovations in data analytics, compliance architectures and surveillance. Mr. Horowitz holds a J.D. from Albany Law School, an M.Sc. in Operations and Statistics and a B.S. in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

    “By joining our board, Peter can provide direct insights into the challenges our clients face when transforming their systems to meet their customers’ demands,” said Hans Otharsson, Customer Success Officer, OpenLegacy. “His guidance will strengthen our presence in delivering significant business value for financial institutions.”

    The advisory board consists of OpenLegacy customers and business and technical leaders and provides OpenLegacy’s team with candid feedback and insight on strategic planning.

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