Compare API Integration & Management

Frequently, we are asked how we compare to other API vendors. As you no doubt have learned, "API Integration and Management" involves many different types of approaches for design, development, delivery and management. Traditional approaches are quite different than newer technologies. You're busy, who needs the confusion?

Here's hope: The chart below will give you a head start toward the best solution for your organization. It was compiled from available market, customer and analyst feedback.*

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Competitive Feature Comparison - API Integration and API Management
Feature / Functionality Description OpenLegacy ESB Vendors
(IBM, Oracle, Tibco,Software AG, WOS2...)
IPaaS Vendors
(Mulesoft, Gitterbit,RedScale...)
API Management
(Apigee, Mashery, Mashape, CA, Akana, Axway...)
(IBM z/OS Connect)
Automatic API generation Create ready to use digital service from a core system (not just schema mapping)
Unlimited Orchestration Unlimited flexibility to incorporate existing libraries or develop complex orchestrations Dependency based Drag-and-Drop Limited Drag-and-Drop Limited None
CI/CD compatibility Standards-based, java, completely compatible with existing or new process
Core system connectors Connect directly to core, legacy systems (mainframe, AS400, Hogan, SAP, etc.) Native 3rd-party, requires integration 3rd-party, requires integration None Yes
Adding business logic Use open standards to add to or create business logic for digital service Easy, standard, Javaframework Complex, non-standard Complex, non-standard None None
Deployment (Independent) Deploy to standard run-time environment, cloud environment (doesn't require run-time component or appliance) Any runtime/cloud environment Proprietary runtime Proprietary runtime Proprietary runtime Proprietary runtime
Templating support Fully customizable templates to ensure standard functionality, rule or business logic
Microservices Deploy application to a microservices architecture, no dependencies on integration layer
Developer portal API catalog and documentation available to external consumers
API Gateway Proxy to manage API security and throttling
API Monetization API Marketplace with ability to manage the charging and billing process
End-to-end Solution API integration and management from legacy to digital service Single Product Multiple Product/Tools Multiple Product/Tools N/A N/A
Complete API Analytics Full visibility into API usage, performance and business logic Integration, API and Business Logic Integration data only Logs API data only Logs
Performance Amount of time to respond to a request High Medium Low N/A Low

* All company names are trademarks of their respective owners. Every effort was made to accurately and objectively portray the differences, however please consult with each vendor for verification.