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Accessing Legacy applications with REST API

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One of our main focuses at OpenLegacy is to deliver an API for all developers, and not just for Java developers. To do that, on top of OpenLegacy's powerful Java API for legacy screens and programs, we provide a REST API which exposes the API's in a REST fashion.

REST API's is the de-facto standard for modern web and mobile application, and used by most internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc.

REST is like a lightweight SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), without a WSDL contract, and enables easy data access via HTTP using a simple URL, and send/receive data in JSON/XML formats.

The REST API can be used to build native mobile applications, Single Page web Applications, and integration with other applications.

To create a REST API for your legacy application, install OpenLegacy, create an openlegacy-rest-new project, and then generate and customize OpenLegacy screens/programs Java API's.

Instructions on installing OpenLegacy can be found in the getting started guide.

More information can be found at our Developer guide (REST section).

OpenLegacy REST API capabilities are demonstrated on our Live Demo Overview (There are two REST examples) 

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