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The 3 Top Reasons to Use Open Source for Legacy Modernization

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Open source software is the best solution for your legacy modernization project – and we’re not just saying that because that is, in fact, how we help companies move their legacy systems into the 21st Century. Conduct a Google Search for “benefits of open source,” and you will find plenty of agreement in the 40.7 million results that pop up.

If you pressed our team for the top 3 reasons to use open source for legacy modernization projects, here is what they would say:

Open source software gives you freedom

Legacy modernization using open source software removes vendor lock-in of proprietary software. With open source, any developer anywhere in the world can download, try it out, and freely use it, no strings attached.

In addition, open source is constantly being updated (more on that next), which means you get technology that is improved continually without having to pay expensive upgrades fees.

Open source software can be extended by developers familiar with the code. This means you are not at the mercy of the vendor for changes, and it also assures you always own the solution regardless of what happens to the vendor.

In the case of open source, free is not a four-letter word.

Open source is community and customer-inspired

The open source community is made up of hundreds of thousands of very smart developers who devote their own time and skills to create useful, high-quality software that anyone can use. It truly is a selfless ethos, focused on the greater good.

Because you have hundreds of thousands of developers using the software (rather than a handful of people), bugs and security flaws are caught and fixed quickly. Developers create new features and enhancements all the time, and they will even improve software simply by writing more elegant code.

In short, they create what they want, not what the vendor thinks they want, and they constantly work to make it better.

Vendor independence allows you to maintain control

Proprietary software is not only expensive, but it is very restrictive. You cannot configure it to suit your needs, which means you are stuck waiting every time you would like to change something. Additionally, you can only change so much, which means the software cannot keep up with your changing business needs.

Open source software is customizable as a rule. Once you download it, you can make any changes to it. You can remove code, add new code, or improve upon the code already written. That flexibility is a tremendous advantage.

Plus, because open software adheres to open standards, interoperability is built-in. Need to connect your CRM to your invoicing system and turn it into a mobile app for your sales team? No problem! Check it out for yourself and download OpenLegacy

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