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New OpenLegacy IMS DC Connectors Accelerate Speed & Success of Digital Transformation

Posted by Debra Mendes on November 07, 2018

Reston, Va., November 7, 2018 -- OpenLegacy, the leader in delivering microservices-based API integration and management for core and legacy systems, announces the latest addition to its comprehensive library of native connectors to include the IMS DC system.

OpenLegacy connectors accelerate the pace of digital adoption by speeding connectivity between modern web, cloud, and mobile applications to core systems, including mainframes. Essentially, the connectors act as SDKs, strengthening communications between modern applications and legacy systems.

The IMS connector enables access to all legacy IMS DC transactions using technology supported by IBM, while its transaction-specific data models allows for easy retrieval of data. OpenLegacy’s automated API generation and use of a standard Java stack saves time, effort, and money.

The OpenLegacy code-first approach simplifies the devops pipeline by using standardized development methodologies, including CI/CD pipelines. This significantly shortens development time, deployment testing, and versioning, as well as strengthening source control and easing long-term object maintenance.

The OpenLegacy family of connectors delivers connectivity to a variety of platforms, including AS400/IBMi, Unisys and Tandem; programming languages - COBOL, RPG, Assembler, Natural and PL1; databases like JDBS, VSAM, ADABAS, IMS DB, DB2, and Datacom; applications such as SAP, Hogan, Altamira; and other technical components, like ESBs, Tuxedo and CICSs.

“In our view, a legacy system doesn't refer to the age of the technology. Legacy is any technology that delays innovation and progress,” says Zeev Avidan, OpenLegacy’s Chief Product Officer. “With our code-first, microservices enabled approach to connectors, our clients can get to market faster, keeping up with the start-ups who have been able to build more agile infrastructures from the beginning.”

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About OpenLegacy

OpenLegacy accelerates delivery of innovative digital services from legacy systems in days or weeks versus months. Our microservices-based API integration and management software reduces manual effort by automating API creation, simplifies the process by avoiding layers of complexity, and improves staff efficiency and API performance. Our software directly accesses and extends business logic to web, mobile our cloud innovations in the form of java objects, or as Rest APIs or SOAP. Most importantly, this process is not only fast, easy and secure, but also does not require special staff skills or changes to existing systems or architecture. Together, business and IT teams can quickly, easily and securely meet consumer, partner or employee demands for digital services without modernizing or replacing core systems. Learn why leading companies choose OpenLegacy at

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