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New OpenLegacy Version 4.2 Accelerates Adoption of Digital Technologies

Posted by Debra Mendes on October 23, 2018

Reston, Va., October 23, 2018 -- OpenLegacy, the leader in delivering microservices-based API integration and management for on-premise and legacy applications, announces the latest version of its software, smoothing the path for enterprises to speed integration of the latest in fintech, insurtech, and other digital, customer- and process-focused technologies.

OpenLegacy’s version 4.2 enables organizations to leverage their existing systems and avoid or completely mitigate the risk of costly legacy migration or modernization projects. By accelerating the development of microservices through automation and built-in connectors and simultaneously eliminating the expensive reliance on complicated and resource-intensive middleware stacks and architecture (ESB, SOA, MOM), the new version instantly creates standardized integration pathways between existing back-end systems and digital services.

“We enable companies to rethink integration and drive business results. The legacy systems aren’t the problem: it’s the complicated middleware, where layers upon layers in the IT stack add unnecessary complexity and rigidity,” says Zeev Avidan, Chief Product Officer at OpenLegacy. “The new version ‘jumps’ the middleware to simplify and enhance the connections between digital services and back-end systems.”

One major highlight of the new version is support for OpenShift, an enterprise cloud platform based on Kubernetes, commonly used by financial institutions. Now, APIs will deploy seamlessly into the OpenShift/Kubernetes environment.

Additional platform enhancements and developer improvements include:

  • API Gateway Capabilities
  • Service Discovery
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Configuration Server
  • Configuration Server
  • Angular 6 Capabilities
  • Temenos T24 Connector
  • IMS-DC Connector
  • Code-First Enhancement
  • JDBC Developer- friendly Interface for DSL, JPA, and Native SQL Queries

In summary, the new import wizards and microservices administration capabilities minimize environment-specific configuration, ensure a complete operation ecosystem, and most importantly, enable our client DevOps teams to get started immediately in an environment that they are familiar with.

“The term ‘legacy’ isn’t about ‘old’ technology,” continues Mr. Avidan. “Legacy is about reliability, and OpenLegacy’s technology ensures organizations can depend on that reliability while still being able adopt the latest digital offerings without compromise and keep up with their customers’ demands.”

OpenLegacy is a trademark of OpenLegacy, Inc. Any other products or software are trademarks of the respective vendors.

About OpenLegacy

OpenLegacy accelerates delivery of innovative digital services from legacy systems in days or weeks versus months. Our microservices-based API integration and management software reduces manual effort by automating API creation, simplifies the process by avoiding layers of complexity, and improves staff efficiency and API performance. Our software directly accesses and extends business logic to web, mobile our cloud innovations in the form of java objects, or as Rest APIs or SOAP. Most importantly, this process is not only fast, easy and secure, but also does not require special staff skills or changes to existing systems or architecture. Together, business and IT teams can quickly, easily and securely meet consumer, partner or employee demands for digital services without modernizing or replacing core systems. Learn why leading companies choose OpenLegacy at

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