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OpenLegacy + Mulesoft: Quickly and easily
create legacy integrations for use in MuleSoft

“The fastest and most standard way to build legacy and on-prem integrations for use in Mulesoft”

Connect to your legacy systems without the time-consuming complexity and risk

  • Seamless and Automatic - Quick automatic generation of consumable SDKs from legacy systems for use in MuleSoft
  • Faster Time to Market - No hand coding or custom configurations needed for usage by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform
  • Extremely low latency - Connection to the legacy system is direct, delivering optimal performance.
  • DevOps Ready - Generate test and deploy APIs quicker with OpenLegacy platform connected to MuleSoft Anypoint
  • Easy Deployment into any environment - Microservice-based SDKs for easy deployment to any configuration
  • Reusable integration assets - APIs, SDKs and connectors to legacy systems all are reusable assets

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Introducing OpenLegacy! Leverage your legacy systems for digital innovations

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