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OpenLegacy + MuleSoft

OpenLegacy + MuleSoft: Better together

Quickly and easily create legacy integrations for use in MuleSoft

Cube Revolving-1

Seamless and Automatic

Quick automatic generation of consumable SDKs from legacy systems for use in MuleSoft


Faster Time to Market

No hand coding or custom configurations needed for use by MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform


Extremely Low Latency

Connection to the legacy system is
direct, delivering optimal


Easy Deployment into Any Environment

Microservice-based SDKs for easy deployment to any configuration

Melting Cubes

DevOps Ready

Generate, test and deploy APIs quicker with the OpenLegacy platform connected to MuleSoft Anypoint

Cube and Circles

Reusable Integration Assets

APIs, SDKs and connectors to legacy systems all are reusable assets

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How OpenLegacy Differs from MuleSoft in Integrating to Legacy Systems.

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