OpenLegacy Remote Pilot & Proof of Concept (PoC)

OpenLegacy offers a variety of Business Value Assessment (BVA) and Proof of Concept (PoC) options, including three that are completely remote. Our typical first step is a meeting to discuss the current core system integration process and provide some use cases for a potential PoC meeting. Fortunately, this meeting is not required to be local and can easily be handled through a conference call and virtual whiteboard.

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OpenLegacy Software Overview: Modernize complex monolithic systems with a set of scalable microservices and API integration

OpenLegacy, which is based on a Java framework, provides unlimited flexibility by rapidly creating digital services (APIs) for legacy and on-prem systems, decoupling monolithic applications into lightweight microservices and providing API management tools for the run-time environment.

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With the New OpenLegacy V4, Your Fintech Possibilities are Wide Open.

OpenLegacy enables innovative fintech and established financial institutions to collaborate faster, powerfully and flexibly. Through a clean, truly microservices-based, full-lifecycle approach to APIs, OpenLegacy connects your back-end technology to the modern world—and the latest fintech — quickly and easily. We cater to your specific challenges by bypassing existing layers of complexity, so you can generate new cloud, web and mobile solutions from your monolithic, proprietary back-end technology with automation and agility..

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OpenLegacy Overview: Leverage your legacy systems. Create APIs in minutes. Innovate 10x faster.

In today’s mobile world, consumers expect instant access to information and services – if they don’t get it, they move on. For established companies, keeping up with customer expectations can be extremely challenging, especially when they have a mix of back-end technologies ... 

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Four Things To Consider When Considering APIs for IBM i System

Congratulations. You have decided to take the leap: You’ve heard about APIs, you’ve read about them. You realize that they are the new SOA and are the future of computing. You want your IBM i system to expose APIs and you want it as soon as possible. But what does that mean going forward, what do you have to take into account?

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Government Overview: OpenLegacy Accelerates IT Modernization and Transformation for Global Government Agencies

Governments, cities and regions of all kinds and sizes are embracing digital transformation. They are making data available like budgets, public works, crime statistics, and legal information. For example, in the U.S., Federal Aviation Administration provides travel websites ...

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OpenLegacy FinTech API Gateway

OpenLegacy FinTech Gateway enables Financial Institutions to: Collaborate with FinTech’s to offer their services and products within the banking digital services, participate in Blockchain transactions, gain insight into what your clients need and proactively offer the services they are seeking, provide your clients with control to switch on and off what FinTech apps are allowed to access their data and provide a secure solution that enables control to what data a FinTech app can access. 

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