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Product Webinar US & EMEA

Q1 2022 OL Hub Product Update

OpenLegacy is changing how we integrate with and modernize legacy systems. Gone are the days when you had to take months to release new digital services based on legacy data and logic.

Product webinar Hong Kong

Q1 2022 OL Hub Product Update APAC

OpenLegacy is changing how we integrate with and modernize legacy systems. Gone are the days when you had to take months to release new digital services based on legacy data and logic.

OL Hub Product webinar Hong Kong
On-Demand webinar

Total Economic Impact Study of OpenLegacy: Introducing Hub

OpenLegacy recently commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, which uncovered a customer ROI of 353% among other key benefits. Please join us as our guest speaker Forrester Senior Consultant Sruti Pegatraju provides a framework to evaluate the financial impact of OpenLegacy’s modernization platform after which Zeev Avidan will introduce our newest product release - OpenLegacy Hub.

BigID webinar

Unlock Legacy Data for Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection

It’s more critical than ever for enterprises to be able to achieve compliance and understand their most sensitive and regulated data. A big hurdle in this process is understanding, classifying, and cataloging legacy data – especially in hard to reach systems like z/OS VSAM files, IBM i, and Adabas databases. Accounting for all legacy data becomes critical for comprehensive data privacy, security and governance.

On-Demand Webinar

From Core Systems to API Products: The Solution, with - Google Apigee and Bank Leumi

Watch this exclusive webinar with members of the Google Apigee, OpenLegacy, and Bank Leumi teams to learn how companies are developing API products leveraging modern cloud-native technology to integrate with core and legacy infrastructure while eliminating significant technical debt and unnecessary costs.

On-Demand Webinar

The Future of Legacy Systems: Thriving or Surviving?

Merely surviving will not meet customer demands in our fast-changing economic climate.

On-Demand Webinar

Boomi CTO & OpenLegacy: Accelerate Legacy Mainframe Integration by 10X

The speed at which APIs and digital services can be created and connected with core systems is critical to innovation.

On-Demand Webinar

Integrate BIAN APIs 10x faster to deliver composable banking

Watch now to learn how composable banking can enhance speed and resilience by integrating BIAN APIs to deliver results faster

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On-Demand Webinar

How to use Compuware Topaz to build integrations to digital systems 10X faster

Mainframe development teams want to support digital teams by giving access to applications and assets -- they just need an effective way from inside the tools they currently use. This is why Compuware and OpenLegacy provide mainframe integration tools as part of the Topaz IDE.

ol-webinar (1)
July 9, 2020 10 AM EDT, 5 PM Israel

Digital Transformation - The impact of regulation and technology on Fintech in the pandemic age

COVID-19 is fueling the movement towards digital transformation. In our webinar, we'll discuss the long-term effects and technological changes to follow: What challenges will the financial sector face, on top of remote work? What role does regulation play in the process? And how will the relationships between Financial institutions and startups be affected?

By Popular Demand!

Five Ways to QuickStart a Digital Transformation Project

Missed the first presentation? You’re in luck. DevOps.com is hosting an encore of our webinar on how to quickstart a digital transformation.

Join us for practical steps to make your legacy integrations easier, while implementing a digital transformation strategy that avoids the typical cost, risk, time and resources.

On-Demand Webinar

Legacy Technology Got You Down? Try Microservices and Cloud-Native Architecture

Need to leverage your legacy systems without the risk, time, resources and cost of common modernization approaches? If so, then this webinar is for you.

You'll get valuable insight from Jason Bloomberg, a leading IT analyst and digital transformation expert at Intellyx, plus Zeev Avidan, legacy integration expert at OpenLegacy, on integrating legacy assets using “hybrid IT,” why the ESB/SOA paradigm is changing and real world successes using microservices and a cloud-native approach.

Watch Recorded Webinar

Cracking the Legacy Integration Dilemma: Five Easy Steps to Get Started

Need a less overwhelming way to onboard your digital transformation process?

This webinar focuses on practical steps you and your company can take to get started on your legacy integration journey, creating minimal drag on various IT teams while offering a big, noticeable impact to the overall company. Most important, we describe how to make these integrations DevOps friendly.

The steps in this webinar work for anyone involved with a legacy integration project whether you are using a DevOps process or not.

May 14, 2019 | 11 AM ET

Automating API Generation and DevOps Pipeline for On-Prem Systems

On-premise applications are problematic for DevOps because APIs are typically hand-written by a team outside the DevOps process, making automation impossible. Additionally, SOA middleware - which facilitates the communication between the API and the on-premise system - slows down the process.

In this webinar, Zeev Avidan, OpenLegacy, examines how to accelerate the build and test cycle by automating microservice-based API generation and bypassing current ESB and SOA middleware. Eldad Omer, Ayalon Insurance, discusses real-world implementation and how microservice-based APIs helped create their DevOps processes.

On-Demand Webinar

How to Leverage Your IBM I (AS/400) Applications in New Channels

Learn how other companies in various industries automatically generate APIs to quickly extend their AS/400 to digital channels, such as cloud, web or mobile. 

In this informative webinar, Zeev Avidan and Martin Bakal with OpenLegacy use real-world case studies to show how your peers automatically generate REST APIs and modern HTML for any IBM i applications. Special guest and industry expert, Alex Woodie of IT Jungle will share his perspectives on the topic.

On-Demand Webinar

How Your Peers Are Leveraging Legacy Systems for Innovation

Leading banks and insurance organizations are using microservice-based APIs to bridge the gaps between legacy systems and innovation. The result is faster delivery of new digital services, reduced time and cost and alignment with DevOps.

Join Craig Beattie from Celent and Zeev Avidan from OpenLegacy to hear how to bypass layers of complexity to extend legacy data to the cloud, mobile and web.

DevOps Webinar

Mainframe Automation: A Panel Discussion

On-Demand: Previously recorded Sept. 6, 2018

The mainframe is experiencing a renaissance, as more companies understand and embrace mainframes in their DevOps-enabled environments. Automation is one major area where mainframes can show their mettle in DevOps. Panel features OpenLegacy's Chief Product Officer, Zeev Avidan to discuss microservices and monoliths.