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OEM Program

The power of your technology
Now with turnkey access to legacy data

OpenLegacy accelerates the delivery of innovative digital services from legacy systems. Enable your users to easily connect and integrate data from legacy and on-prem systems all from within your application. OpenLegacy provides the missing piece to digital transformation allowing you to do what you do best - without the complexity of legacy integration.


OEM Brochure

Learn more about the OpenLegacy OEM Program


Why become an OEM partner?


Get to Market – Fast

Fast-track product and solution to the market with pre-built connectors to legacy Systems


Reduce Implementation Costs

Significantly reduce the cost of onboarding end-customer’s complex data and logic with out-of-the-box connectivity

Melting Cubes-4

Effortlessly Harness Legacy Data

Direct connection to the most complex legacy sources thru automated generations of microservices and/or APIs

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Is accessing legacy data a missing piece in your product?

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