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Make core systems
as light as the cloud

Untangle monolithic core systems with the only modernization platform delivering the speed and simplicity of cloud development.


Accelerate time-to-market
by 10x

Lead the way in a changing market by streamlining and simplifying how digital services access data from backend systems.


Drastically reduce
cost and risk

Break free of the chokehold of specialized development needs and complex middleware logic for core system data.


Keep your options
wide open

Future-proof your innovation strategy by avoiding cloud and vendor lock-in with a multi-cloud, language-agnostic platform.

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Standardize how digital
services access core data

Monolithic backends spawn complex, interdependent “hairballs” of data and business logic that get in the way of digital innovation. OpenLegacy Hub rapidly untangles and simplifies the flow of data from these systems – enabling teams to bring digital innovation to market 10x faster.

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Achieve digital transformation
– at a fraction of the cost

Whatever your modernization approach, OpenLegacy Hub reduces the cost of bridging the gap between digital services and core system data with standardized and reusable assets, automated templating, low-code and no-code options, and built-in cloud deployment.

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Get speed for today-and
flexibility for tomorrow.

Create reusable, constantly-tested integration assets that are stored in a language- and environment-agnostic manner – ensuring that your team can keep innovating, whatever the future brings.

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