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The Fastest Path to a
Composable Enterprise

Accelerate time-to-market by transforming your monolithic core systems into cloud-native building blocks of innovation.

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Deliver Digital Solutions 10X Faster.

Don’t let monolithic mainframes and midrange systems slow the creation of new digital services. OpenLegacy’s patented technology generates microservices and serverless-ready API building blocks from legacy infrastructure 10X faster – and we can prove it.

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Increase Productivity by 75%.

In a resource-constrained world it is critical to do more with less. Using advanced API-generation techniques, OpenLegacy reduces the effort required to create new digital services by 75%.

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Be Composable to the Core.

According to Gartner, 63% of CEOs expect to change business models in the next two years. Make sure your enterprise is ready for the future with the ability to rapidly assemble components from your core legacy systems into new digital services – on demand.

More on the Product

What is Digital-Driven Integration?


Bypass complex, costly technology layers by integrating directly to core systems.

Automatic Code

Generate digital-ready code in minutes, so you rapidly release new digital services while using just a fraction of the manpower.


Deploy on premises and/or in the cloud as microservices or serverless functions.

Digital Transformation:
A Journey and A Destination

Thriving in an ever-changing digital world means more than solving today's challenges. To be truly adaptable, you need a solution that powers your ongoing digital-strategy. One that empowers your business to evolve beyond legacy, and to succeed no matter what the future holds. This is Digital-Driven Integration.

Become Digital to the Core

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Unlocking the Promise of the Composable Enterprise


White Paper

How to Evaluate Current Approaches to Legacy Integration



Accelerating the Digital Journey From Legacy Systems to Modern Microservices