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OpenLegacy Hub: The Ultimate Legacy System Integration & Modernization Platform

AI friendly, cloud-Native APIs - automatically generated from legacy systems.

Future Proof - On-prem or hybrid cloud.

Migrate to the cloud at your own pace.

Maintain full coexistence. Continue to innovate during migration.  

Unlock Full Potential for Legacy Systems with AI Friendly APIs

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate time to market

With AI assisted discovery, mapping, and code generation, you can deliver new digital services faster than ever before.

Dramatically reduce the time and effort required to generate APIs, microservices, and event-driven interfaces from even the most complex legacy systems.

Drastically reduce cost and risk

Drastically reduce cost and risk

AI assisted API generation ensures high-quality, well documented, and compliant services, while the non-intrusive approach eliminates the need for costly and risky changes to your legacy systems.

With OpenLegacy Hub, you can reduce the need for manual, error-prone processes and specialized skill sets.

Future-proof your innovation strategy

Future-proof your innovation strategy

The platform generates AI friendly, cloud-ready, language-agnostic services that can adapt to your evolving integration needs. 

With OpenLegacy Hub, you can confidently navigate the ever-changing business requirements and technological landscapes.

OpenLegacy Hub Overview

Fits easily within your unique technology stack. OpenLegacy Hub is endlessly flexible. 
You decide on format, low/no/full code, language, end-point, and deployment pipeline.

From Any Legacy To Any Cloud Your Way!


Legacy environment

Any on-prem system, data, process or application

Cloud native servicss

Any format- no / low / full code, and any language

Deployment destination

Any end-point, any destination, aligned with CI/CD and DevOps pipelines

Digital consumers

Any web application, mobile application or other modern services

How OpenLegacy Hub Works

OpenLegacy Hub delivers fast, simple, and risk-free way to generate, extend, and manage digital services from complex legacy and core systems to the cloud. By leveraging AI capabilities, the platform streamlines the integration process, reduces manual effort, and ensures the creation of high-quality, maintainable services.



AI-Assisted Legacy System Discovery and Mapping

Generate modules that represent your legacy data, processes, or applications. The platform automatically discovers and documents legacy assets, making it easier to map them to modern formats. With the visual development environment and AI-driven recommendations, you can quickly select the appropriate connectors, map data, business logic, and outputs using easy drag-and-drop functionality. The result is a reusable modern representation of the legacy asset in your format of choice (REST, Kafka, JSON, etc.).



Enrich and Customize Services with AI-Guided Development

Enhance the behavior and functionality of your generated services using AI-assisted development capabilities. The platform provides recommendations for combining modules, enabling you to create truly hybrid APIs that leverage the best of your legacy and modern systems. Quickly choose from a library of pre-built solution templates and customize digital services to any desired language, endpoint, and development approach (no/low/full code) seamlessly fitting into your CI/CD DevOps pipeline.



Centralized, AI-Driven Service Management and Optimization

Efficiently manage all the assets developed via the OpenLegacy Hub platform using the intuitive dashboard. The platform automatically generates documentation, catalogs services, and provides usage analytics, making it easy to discover, reuse, and visualize your integration landscape. AI-driven recommendations help you identify opportunities for optimization, ensuring that your services remain performant, cost-effective, and aligned with best practices. With OpenLegacy Hub, you can achieve a highly efficient API development and management process.

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