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OpenLegacy Hub Platform

Connect your legacy systems to the cloud and modern systems with a cloud-native hybrid integration platform.

All New Potential for Legacy and Core Systems

Accelerate time to market

Accelerate time to market

Streamline and simplify with auto-generated services from nearly any on-prem core and legacy systems, even the most complex.

Deploy to any environment (public/private, multi-cloud, or even on-prem, in a fraction of the time and without specialized skills.

Drastically reduce cost and risk

Drastically reduce cost and risk

This revolutionary technology is non-intrusive and requires no changes to legacy systems.

An alternative solution to complex middleware providing a direct connection with your core systems.

Future-proof your innovation strategy

Future-proof your innovation strategy

The platform produces services that are multicloud-ready and language-agnostic –- adding no additional layer of complexity.

Generate the services from legacy data, process, or applications in the format and language of your choice.

OpenLegacy Hub Overview

Fits easily within your unique technology stack. OpenLegacy Hub is endlessly flexible. 
You decide on format, low/no/full code, language, end-point, and deployment pipeline.

From Any Legacy To Any Cloud Your Way!


Legacy environment

Any on-prem system, data, process or application

Cloud native servicss

Any format- no / low / full code, and any language

Deployment destination

Any end-point, any destination, aligned with CI/CD and DevOps pipelines

Digital consumers

Any web application, mobile application or other modern services

How OpenLegacy Hub Works

OpenLegacy Hub delivers a fast, simple, risk-free way to generate, extend and manage digital services from nearly any complex monolithic legacy and core systems to the cloud.



Generate modules that represent your legacy data, process, or application. Using the visual development environment, select the legacy system from the extensive library of connectors and map the data, business logic, and outputs with easy drag-and-drop functionality. The result is a reusable modern representation of the legacy asset in your format of choice (REST, Kafka, JSON, etc.)



Add, change, and enrich the behavior and functionality of your services. Combine modules to create truly hybrid APIs. Developers can quickly choose from a library of pre-built solution templates and deploy digital services that are customized to any desired language, end-point, and in no/low/full code seamlessly fitting into your CI/CD DevOps pipeline.



Using the OpenLegacy Hub Dashboard, you can easily manage all the assets you developed via the platform to be discoverable, reusable, visualized, and analyzed. The result is a highly efficient API development process.

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