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Need to Make Your Legacy Manufacturing Systems
More Compatible With the Digital World?

Most manufacturing companies are well-established with a strong reliance on legacy technology of all types: mainframes, applications, databases, ERP and more. If you're struggling to get these technologies to talk to each other and to be part of a digital world, start by talking to OpenLegacy. 

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We Help You Quickly Address Manufacturing Industry
Accessibility to ERP and Other Systems:

  • Easily and automatically create APIs and Angular HTML5 from your core (legacy) systems, e.g. iSeries, System z, SAP, Oracle etc.
  • Enable web and mobile access from legacy systems in weeks rather than years
  • Mobilize core (legacy) systems to offer innovative digital services, anytime and anywhere
  • Reduce project backlog and speed delivery of digital transformation
  • Bypass complex architecture to deliver modern solutions faster

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Case Study

JSW tracked and caught errors across multiple factory floors in real-time

Become Digital to the Core

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