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Bringing Digital to Your IBMi

Extend Your IBMi (AS/400) to Create New Digital
Services Without Changes to Your Underlying System.

Leverage your IBMi (AS/400) for innovative mobile, web or cloud projects. Now you can be "digital to the core" without the typical time, risk, cost and resources.



Our microservice-based integration requires no changes to your IBM i system (code or green screen).

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Build integrations through the user interface and automatically parse iSeries metadata and/or green screens.



Application development platform reads many types of metadata including RPG code and COBOL copybooks.


Lower Maintenance

Generates only the code needed to service the APIs, not additional middleware, so maintenance is easy.

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Lower Cost of Integration

Instead of paying specialists to do application modernization, everything is done through API generation.


Fast API Performance

No middleware is between the API and the IBM i system so the solution performs extremely fast.

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DevOps Ready

Microservices gnerated from your IBM i applications are fully deployable and come with built-in JUnit testing.

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Multiple Deployment Options

Deploy Java microservice-based APIs for internal or external integrations or serverless functions.

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Case Study

OpenLegacy enabled Hachaklait to focus on field veterinary services rather than connection issues


Case Study

OpenLegacy unlocks Ayalon Insurance's near real-time policy underwriting and credit card processing


Case Study

OpenLegacy Drives 20% Salesforce Productivity Improvement for Delek Motors

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IBMi (AS/400) Solution: Get What You Need. Keep What You've Got

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OpenLegacy Hub Introduction


White Paper

How to Evaluate Current Approaches to Legacy Integration

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