How to Leverage Legacy Systems at the Speed of DevOps

Are you interested in bringing your legacy systems into the world of agile and DevOps? Discover ways to bridge the gap between DevOps and legacy development practices using microservices and API integration. Accelerate development, automate testing, and realize faster releases cycles - even with the legacy back-end.

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How To Quickly Deliver Digital Insurance Services from Monolothic Legacy Systems

Ironically, some of the world’s largest, oldest and most successful insurance companies face the greatest technical challenges as they explore ways to bring their legacy, back-end systems up-to-speed with the current digital era. Since, an estimated 41% of insurance consumers switch companies because their old carrier lags behind the times, this is a challenge urgently needing a solution. Explore ways that other insurance companies grapple with aging IT infrastructure - without the typical cost, time and frustration.

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How To Tackle Enterprise Integration Problems using API-Technology

In today’s mobile world, consumers expect instant access to information and services – if they don’t get it, they move on. Those companies that want to retain their existing customers – and attract new ones – must find a way to fast track their consumer-facing service project. In this paper learn how OpenLegacy, the industry’s first open-standards integration platform helps companies rapidly generate business value by extending and connecting traditional IT assets with mobile, web and cloud solutions through the use of open source APIs reducing the project timelines to DAYs instead of months.

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How to Tackle Core, Back-end System Challenges using APIs & Microservices

Are you frustrated with delays delivering digital services for the web, mobile or cloud applications? Is your project backlog moving slower than your business demands?

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OpenLegacy and the API Economy

The quickest way to satisfy a business requirement using your company’s information assets is a modern-day Application Programming Interface (API). APIs have become a primary customer interface for technology-driven products and services, and a key channel for driving revenue and user engagement. In the API economy, long-standing systems and applications can create extraordinary value to drive quick response, provided you know how to unlock them and connect them to the digital world.

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Cómo abordar los desafíos de los sistemas Core y Backend con el uso de APIs & Microservicios

Reduzca los retrasos y libe los servicios digitales rápidamente con la integración y administración automatizada de APIs y microservicios

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Secrets to Bridging Legacy and Innovation Through Integration

For some, the perceived "generation gap" between legacy systems and mobile, cloud or Web computing solutions can seem almost unbridgeable.

However, new approaches to legacy APIs have solved many of these challenges, all without migrating or modernizing legacy systems.

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14 Essential Elements of a Successful
Legacy Modernization Process

Information Technology has progressed so far that now mainframes and legacy data sources can co-exist harmoniously with next-gen solutions. Here are key elements any strategy needs in order to be successful.

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5 Legacy Mobilization Projects to Consider in 2015

For many organizations, the thought of modernizing legacy systems and rationalizing older data-driven applications can seem like a daunting, all-or-nothing endeavor. IT decision-makers tend to view these types of projects as extremely costly and time-consuming. Based on previous experience and popular perception, one could hardly blame them for having this view. In this brief white paper, we will highlight 5 legacy mobilization projects to consider in 2015. Rather than simply describing actual projects, the white paper focuses on the benefit that such projects could yield.

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Eight Key Questions to Think Through When Planning Digital Transformation Projects

If you are a bank or financial service company working on your digital transformation process, consider these eight questions covering factors such as timeliness, cost, risk, customers and employees. OpenLegacy is designed to help you balance these challenges while moving forward with confidence in the digital age as not growing in the digital marketplace is really not an option.

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Intellyx White Paper Legacy Migration vs. Modernization: The Challenge of Coexistence

Many enterprises are realizing that older systems still provide value. Thus legacy modernization strategies are better off focusing on coexistence rather than all-out migration. However, every organization’s legacy context is different, as are its business goals. As a result, there are a plethora of migration, modernization, and coexistence scenarios, each with its own pros and cons. IT leaders must now understand the breadth of options open to them in order to make the right decisions about how to deal with legacy systems and applications.

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