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Deliver digital solutions 10x faster while seamlessly integrating
your legacy infrastructure

DevOps helps enterprises streamline development so they can focus on building what matters for their customers. But it often does not support automation of integration processes for core legacy systems. We are changing that.

OpenLegacy's ability to process legacy assets and produce fully functional APIs means you can build the DevOps pipeline and API factory you have always dreamed of, from start to finish. Plus, reactively update and deliver new tested and provisioned API versions for any legacy change. It’s a DevOps game changer.


Your future-proof API factory


Centralize legacy assets
in any environment

Legacy integration just got easier. Automate the building and managing of legacy integrations assets all in one place: a tested, language-agnostic repository, available for easy re-use, and ready for deployment in any standard environment.


Automate creation and
build for digital services

Connect digital services directly to core systems with little effort or specialized skills. Simplify input from multiple people (mainframe, digital, security, integration).


Unlock the power of
legacy assets

Say goodbye to single points of failure in legacy projects, and hello to a single source of truth for documentation and metadata on your legacy assets.


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Bank Hapoalim accelerates delivery of digital services by 30x with OpenLegacy



Leading SAP API Architecture & Integration Best Practices

OpenLegacy: Legacy Integration + DevOps Capability, All Automated

Automate your entire process

Automate more than just digital development. Bring your legacy integrations into your automation process by leveraging DevOps for integrations.

Graduate from low-level APIs

Build a language-agnostic repository of your legacy assets, so you can easily track what digital services to build across your legacy landscape.

Keep your technology options wide open

Reuse legacy assets with any standard deployment environments (REST, Java, Kubernetes, Docker, OpenShift, Kafka, NodeJS, .NET, etc.). Even better: no legacy knowledge necessary!

Support your iPaaS legacy integration needs

Make use of native support for any iPaas’ (Boomi, Apigee, Axway, etc.) integration to legacy assets.

Create once, re-use often

Store all your legacy modules are in the Hub—fully tested, vetted and searchable. Easily leverage any legacy program for digital innovation.

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