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Unlock Digital Innovation in Banking

The Challenge

Over the last few years, new digital-only banks have taken trillions of dollars in checking accounts, mortgages, and wealth management assets from traditional banks. How can banks tied to mainframe systems keep up with their digitally-native competitors?

The Solution

Digital banking is the answer. Composability is the ability to rapidly assemble new  products and customer experiences from cloud-native building blocks. OpenLegacy transforms the way banks innovate by finally making composable banking a reality.

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The Fastest Path to a Digital Bank

OpenLegacy connects directly to core systems, automatically generates digital-ready code, and deploys as standard microservices or serverless functions. With OpenLegacy, banks can finally achieve the speed and resilience of the composable enterprise — harnessing legacy assets for continuous innovation.


Go Digital 10x Faster

Rapidly launch new digital innovations by harnessing the power of your legacy systems, mainframes, databases, or applications.


Reduce cost by 75%

No special skills needed. No changes to core systems required - dramatically cutting down dev & deployment effort


Built for the Hybrid Cloud

Deploy legacy assets as microservice-based APIs or serverless functions for on-premises, on the cloud or both.

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Use Cases and Benefits

Business Use Cases Technical Benefits
New Offerings

Rapidly introduce new mobile features and digital product offerings.


Quickly and automatically create open APIs from your core systems, like AS/400, IBM mainframes, CICS, IMS and many more.


Connect to FinTech and blockchain technologies to expand your banking services.


Reduce reliance on ESB middleware to lower overall costs and maintenance.

Open Banking

Unlock the potential of open banking with global APIs.


Keep connections secure by using HTTPS and TLS to access core systems. Your microservice-based APIs are secured with strong-type checking (JSON) and oAuth2 (web authentication).

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Accelerating Host to Host Implementation


Case Study

Bank Leumi builds open banking platform



Why Instant Payments and Open Banking Are Critical for the Financial Industry

Union-Bank- (1)

Case Study

Union Bank uses OpenLegacy to Integrate mainframe into new digital platform

OpenLegacy + Citi: Implementing Citi's Financial Solutions

Discover how Privitar was able to use OpenLegacy’s integration platform to better implement Citi’s financial solutions.

Become Digital to the Core

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