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Can Your Core Systems Deliver Digital Banking?

You've spent years - even decades - building strong brands and loyal customer bases. But the legacy technologies your success was built upon, like IBM or industry-specific core systems like Hogan, Finastra, or Temenos, weren't built for digital banking. Now, they present major challenges, yet your new generation of customers aren't driven by loyalty. They expect cool digital innovations, giving modern banks who were born digital an unfair advantage. We can help.

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Yesterday's Systems. Today's Innovations.

OpenLegacy connects directly to your core systems, automatically generates digital-ready code in just minutes, and deploys as standard microservices or serverless functions. Now you have the speed and flexibility to deliver exciting new innovations at a fraction of the time, energy, and cost.


Go Digital Faster

Rapidly launch new digital innovations, regardless of your legacy systems, mainframes, databases, or applications.


Reduce Cost & Risk

No special skills needed. No changes to core systems required. - dramatically cutting down time, effort, and risk.


Set The Digital Pace

Deploy legacy assets as microservice-based APIs or serverless functions for on-premises, cloud or both.

  • Quickly and automatically create open APIs from your core systems, like AS/400, IBM mainframes, CICS, IMS and many more.
  • Build global APIs and achieve open banking quickly and easily.
  • Extend your core applications for internal and external projects, including mobile, web and the cloud.
  • Keep connections secure by using HTTPS and TLS to access core systems.
  • Reduce project backlog by rapidly executing your digital transformation projects and other innovations.
  • Connect to FinTech and blockchain technologies to expand your banking services.
  • Reduce reliance on ESB middleware to lower overall costs and maintenance.
  • Your microservice-based APIs are secured with strong-type checking (JSON) and oAuth2 (web authentication).
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OpenLegacy in Action


Case Study

Top 10 Global Bank Implements Six Key Global APIs and Microservices in Just Two Weeks


Case Study

Global Insurance Firm Uses API Solution to Deliver Digital Car Insurance Quotes and Streamlined Claim Payments


Case Study

Five Global APIs in Just Three Days Accelerates Digital Banking for Global Giant

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With OpenLegacy, Your FinTech Possibilities are Wide Open

Become Digital to the Core

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