HMO builds a healthy web application encapsulating business-critical AS/400 workflows

When a large HMO realized its call center application – and its “green screens” – are hard to use and hamper employee productivity, it explored several ways to change the situation and ensure its agents were giving its members the best customer service possible. The HMO’s highest priority has always been providing superior quality service to its members, and it has won multiple customer service awards attributed to its devotion to excellence in both care and service. High quality customer service was paramount to the HMO’s strategy.

Ultimately, the HMO chose OpenLegacy to create a new web application built on top of the call center’s AS/400 application. This way, they continued to benefit from the AS/400 reliability, speed and availability, and their decades-long investment in the legacy environment.

Download the case study to learn how OpenLegacy’s OpenWeb framework was used to build a new web application in only four days, leveraging the latest web and open source standards.