Platform Solutions

Mainframes: Create new digital channels from
mainframe applications like IMS, CICS etc.

“Within two days, OpenLegacy created APIs for standard transactions, including payments and other financial products, compared to 5-7 weeks using another API orchestration product”

Bring your legacy mainframes to the digital future
without the typical risk, cost & resources

  • Integration Speed - Parses metadata from your mainframe and automatically generates ready-to-deploy microservice-based API
  • Simplicity - Integration doesn’t require changes to the mainframe application
  • API Performance - Direct connection to your mainframe eliminates middleware layer and accelerates API speed and performance
  • Flexibility - Java developers can build integrations without support from mainframe teams, saving time and money
  • DevOps - Generated microservices are fully deployable and come with built JUnit testing. Clean interfaces and no middleware make it easy to test
  • Lower Maintenance - Generates only the code you need to service the APIs. No additional middleware means lower maintenance cost

Promises backed up by experience


Compared to the APIs that were previously developed by the bank, OpenLegacy’s APIs were 70X faster.

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“... an impressive combination of open standards, flexibility and focus on automating API creation from complex legacy systems.”

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“A 2-year project is now estimated at 6 months, a 75% reduction in development time.”

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“The ‘wow moment’ was when we exposed a Swagger API with account data from our mainframe. It only took us a few hours...”

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