Choose the API integration software that helps you create digital services from core legacy systems fast - blazing fast


Do these enterprise IT issues sound familiar?

  • Are your core (legacy) systems impacting your digital transformation?
  • Does your integration project backlog keep you up at night?
  • Lacking the skills needed for legacy system innovation and integration?
  • Tired of waiting months for your vision to materialize?

Our API integration and management software turns visionaries like you into heroes. And, it isn’t very hard for you or for us.

Why you need an API integration platform

Let's face it, APIs (application programming interface) are a must-have for any enterprise that has any desire to compete in the digital world. It's becoming more of a question on how to best create and manage APIs that deal with different operating systems and programming languages.

For example, creating and managing APIs to integrate legacy and on-premise systems with modern applications is a time consuming task, often taking months to complete. This is where we specialize. OpenLegacy's API integration platform allows you to create the APIs you need in minutes - even from monolithic systems and databases.

Why use OpenLegacy’s API software to help legacy integrations

We've invented an incredibly fast and reliable way to connect your core back-end systems with mobile, cloud and web solutions in minutes or days - 10X faster than anything you've seen before and we can prove it. Now you can leverage and love your core systems. Our software doesn't care how "old", "young" or "complex" they are - or you for that matter. Our open standards are compatible with everything and everyone.



Delivers API Solutions in minutes instead of months



Eliminates the need for a complex technology stack



Strong-typed APIs reduce risk of failure

API integration tools that work the way you want - fast and easy


API Connectors: In just minutes, you can automatically extract strong-type metadata from any core system to create a standard Java API that includes the business logic.


API Design: Using built-in templates and wizards, automatically extend back-end entity objects into web or mobile applications, REST APIs or SOA web services.


API Enhancement: Inject multiple layers of security and accelerate performance. If needed, edit the metadata to create a custom solution.


API Deployment: One-click deployment means the API can easily be consumed and re-used by any Java developer for any digital service. Innovate anytime, anywhere.


API Testing: Our API software helps you keep your pace with built-in JUnit testing and continued testing in run-time.


API Management: Easily manage your APIs by monitoring who is using them, how they are used and where they are used. 

The Final Comparison:



Automation – traditional and cloud-based ESBs and multi-tenants are not automated.

Difficulty – learning 3-8 different proprietary systems requires a hefty learning curve.

API tools – some API interfaces are included, but API architecture is missing functionality specific to core, legacy systems.

Staff – requires special staff with COBOL or other specialized skills. This adds to project overhead.

Standardization – there’s no standard Java contract across various tools. So, if you create 1000 services, they all look different.

Security – multiple layers of security are included, but they are inherently weak-type protocol.

Governance – need to configure tools for each software layer, creating a governance nightmare for each implementation.


from OpenLegacy

Automation – we automate most of the API integration and management process to reduce the learning curve and dramatically improve speed.

Difficulty – our open standards are easy to understand and there is only one tool to learn.

API tools – OpenLegacy is designed for core, legacy systems and includes everything in one tool: API design, training, security, deployment, analytics, and management.

Staff – anyone can create core system APIs and anyone with Java experience can implement them.

Standardization – all 1000 services share the same open standard Java contract, greatly reducing complexity and maintenance.

Security – three layers of security are included, plus since all artifacts are Java, all APIs are inherently strong-type protocol for OLAP and LDAP.

Governance – the API is standard Java contract including all specs, user authority and security in a single contract.

By the way, we can also read your mind.

Thinking you can do this with your ESB?

Anyone can create APIs, but how long is it taking? Not many can create APIs for core (legacy) systems in just minutes. We’ve spent years perfecting it.

Thinking this won’t work with your SOA/ESB?

OpenLegacy is non-invasive – we don’t change existing architecture. You can even re-use any services you’ve already created.

Thinking it's the same as other API management solutions?

Other API vendors do not specialize in legacy and were either built as ESBs and require multiple tools or were developed to manage APIs, not create them.


What others are saying


Gartner named OpenLegacy a “Cool Vendor in Integration”


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Described OpenLegacy as the “Poster child for novel integration”


“Coupled with its performance, security and fast time to market the ROI was instant.”


"Each agent saves about 20-30% in the field with mobile generated insurance."

Chosen by Silicon Review as a "Top 50 Best Company To Watch" in 2017.

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