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Since 2013 we’ve been working with amazing organizations to create application integrations with their legacy systems.
Together we serve the top enterprises globally:

Effortlessly Transform Your Legacy Systems into Cloud-Native and AI Ready APIs


AI-Driven, Non-Intrusive Legacy System Connection

Leverage AI to automatically discover and connect to any legacy system, enabling continuous, real-time access to critical data and functionality without disrupting existing processes.



Intelligent Creation of Cloud-Native and AI Friendly Services

Using AI automated assistance to generate standardized and well-documented APIs  from your legacy systems, in any format. Choose no/ low/full code - its your choice. Key is the quality, consistency and documentation of the APIs.



AI Friendly On multi and hybrid cloud environment

Deploy your AI friendy service to any cloud, serverless, on-premises, or other platforms - such as iPaaS, APIM, Data Governance, etc. Your legacy assets are available for new initiatives and for use by nearly any AI engine.


Integrate and modernize with the speed and simplicity of AI assisted cloud development

Your Legacy Systems - All New Potential


Accelerate time-to-market

Auto generate standardized and well documented APIs from legacy systems using AI assistance. Go from complex and hard to reach legacy systems to cloud-native and AI friendly APIs in days instead of months.

drasitically reduce cost and risk

Drastically reduce cost and risk

The revolutionary platform utilizes AI to deeply understand your legacy systems and auto-generate integration flows, reducing risk with standards, consistency - removing the reliance on specialized skills.


Keep your options wide open

Stay agile, flexible and future-ready. OpenLegacy Hub is technology agnostic and seamlessly fits within any cloud and technology stack.  Stay on-prem, go hybrid, or migrate to the cloud at your pace. 

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises across the globe are using OpenLegacy to unlock the value of their legacy systems

"The flexibility and proactivity of the product allowed us to come up with a tailor-made, easy-to-use solution, while the collaboration was so smooth.”

“Our legacy system was liberated from our middleware stack, resulting in a dramatically streamlined process and significant capital savings.”

"As the bank embarks on a digital journey to modernize our platforms, it is critical that we leverage new technologies to ensure we stay relevant in this competitive space. We are excited to partner with OpenLegacy to bring next-level digital integration for our banking services in South Korea.”

“We've met the car insurance competitive market demand and kept our leading position as a direct insurance company.”

"Leveraging OpenLegacy Hub, its automation, flexibility and decoupling combined with a strong and knowledgeable Customer Success team, we are positioned as a strategic modernization and integration solution."

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Technology Alliances

OpenLegacy aligns with top technology platforms and cloud environments. Complete your solutions to include legacy systems.

Plug-in and enhance the completeness of your solutions with legacy system data, logic, and processes - natively.


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