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APIs are not new. Our approach is.

You can’t always believe vendors, so why should you believe us? We understand your dilemma. You want proof and we’re prepared to provide it.
First of all, why is our approach unique and fast? 


We automate manual effort

Sure, developers create APIs all of the time. But how many people and months does it take for the complex legacy APIs? We automate the process, so you’ll create APIs 10X faster.


No detours to business logic

Our software bypasses layers of complex architecture to directly access your business logic.


One tool to learn

Automatically create, test, deploy, analyze and manage APIs with just one tool.


Intelligent templates

Wizards enable you to customize and apply standards for security and other business rules into the API. Our software swiftly handles complicated API flows and orchestration as a result of our many years of legacy experience.


One click API creation

Our unique, patented process automatically exposes the business logic into a Java object “building block.” Wrap it with SOAP and publish to your ESB. Or wrap it as a REST API and publish to a portal for external use. Or leave it as native Java for your digital transformation initiatives.


Faster testing

Quickly and automatically test the integrity of your APIs as often as you wish with built-in Junit testing. After all, if you’re developing faster, you need to test faster too.

See how fast it is. No magic tricks were used.

Watch Oren create an API to collect customer credit card info in 2 minutes.

Actual examples of time-to-value increases.
No kidding.

Clients are indeed having faster results with OpenLegacy. The chart below shows actual documented deployment speeds using traditional integration, an ESB or other API approaches, compared to OpenLegacy. Together with the clients, we documented the before and after time required for implementing and configuring the software, connecting to the target system, and creating the APIs.


Read what your peers say.
No fake words or clients were used.

"OpenLegacy let us connect our iSeries applications to our insurance agent portal without changing our COBOL applications, which would have been a huge, expensive headache. We couldn’t believe OpenLegacy was able to conform to all of our security, performance, and design constraints - and do so within days."
Harel Insurance IT Director

Insurance Case Studies

“After years of mainframe modernization projects that didn’t realize their full potential, OpenLegacy’s API integration platform is the light at the end of the tunnel. Within an hour, we went from nothing to a working API connected to our payments app, powered by OpenLegacy.”
3rd Largest Bank in North America

Banking Case Studies

“Opening an iSeries application to mobile in a just few hours is unheard of. The fact that it was done by a developer with very little prior experience is even more impressive. And it’s all thanks to OpenLegacy’s intuitive, easy to use environment.”
IT Director, Israel Airports Authority

Airline Industry Case Studies

“We were apprehensive about developing web applications built on the AS/400 backend at first. OpenLegacy simplified development by generating code that’s lightweight and easy to understand, and using the same web frameworks we use in other parts of the organization. Using OpenLegacy, we managed to expose transactions from the AS/400, and didn’t have to compromise on performance, security, and development speed.”
Leumit Health Health Maintenance Organization, CIO

Healthcare Case Studies

“I was blown away by how fast and easy it was to develop our new IBM System i tablet app with OpenLegacy. We didn’t need to learn how to code for tablets and we didn’t need to change anything in the IBM System i. We get all the benefits of the tablet, with the security and reliability of the IBM System i.”
CIO, Alliance

Manufacturing Case Studies

Hard to Believe?
How About A Free API Overnight?

We boldly claim how fast we are – and you likely have doubts. Ok, let’s see which one of us is right  at no risk to you.  We’ve dreamed up a way to show you what we can do with your system, at no cost – literally overnight.   

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