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“Opening an iSeries application to mobile in just few hours is unheard of. The fact that it was done by a developer with very little prior experience is even more impressive. And it’s all thanks to OpenLegacy’s intuitive, easy to use environment.”

IT Director, Government Agency

We help you quickly address these
IT modernization challenges:

  • Create APIs/microservices in minutes and complete projects in days versus months. All without special staff or invasive changes to legacy systems.
  • Accelerate the modernization of critical systems, such as personnel, hiring & accounting, benefits delivery, tax management and more.
  • Offer digital services to citizens despite tight budgets, e.g. quickly deploy self-service applications delivered via mobile or Web and reduce manual effort.
  • Decouple independent business processes from legacy systems as microservices, then easily and quickly re-use in multiple projects.
  • Plan savvy phased migrations where APIs and microservices can co-exist with current legacy systems and facilitate longer-term migration plans.
  • Meet requirements for improved employee productivity, open government, scalability, cybersecurity, reduced IT maintenance costs and more.

Promises backed up by experience

In just 24 hours, this agency turned green screens into a fully functional self-service mobile application 

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In one week, Airport Authority achieves “game changing” ROI with AS/400 modernization

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