About OpenLegacy

What do we do? We help the worlds largest organizations to leverage their legacy systems for innovative digital channels, cloud, web, mobile and more. We are a very important part of the "digital transformation" ecosystem with a focus on the most complex transformations of all: legacy mainframes, mid-range systems and even legacy databases and applications.

While many organizations focus on API management, we focus on the really hard part - quickly creating APIs from these complex, proprietary systems. We bring legacy systems to the modern world without the typical cost, time, risk and resources!

What makes us special? Our microservices-based APIs are created using AUTOMATIC code generation, DIRECT from the legacy system, using MICROSERVICES for flexible deployment options. As a result, organizations can create legacy APIs 20X faster, improve API performance by 5X and reduce total cost of ownership by 10X.

Our approach is disruptive and getting attention around the world. So, we are growing at a very rapid pace and need the right people to help us manage that growth and to achieve the next level of scale. We are actively seeking motivated and talented professionals who can participate in our growth and leverage their skills and passion for truly exciting cutting-edge approaches to decades-old problems. 

We think our approach is revolutionary-and we're not alone: We are growing fast and we need the right people to help us. We are actively seeking motivated and talented professionals. 

We work as a team.
We are fast and focused.
We learn from each other.
We respect our team members, our partners, our customers and even our competition.
We look for smart people who want to solve hard problems and have fun. 

We look forward to meeting you.