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Your Path to Packaged Application Modernization with OpenLegacy Integration

Extend the life and value of packaged applications residing on legacy platforms and leverage them within modern cloud-based solutions enhancing overall business agility and efficiency

Top Challenges of Legacy Packaged Applications

Accelerate time to market

Skill shortage

Finding IT expertise in both the legacy mainframe technology and the modern platforms can be difficult. These systems often use outdated programming languages and technologies. Training existing staff or hiring experienced talent can be a hurdle

Drastically reduce cost and risk

Data migration and integration

Migrating data from a legacy system to a modern one is complex. Evolving data formats, structures, and schemas make ensuring data consistency, integrity, and accuracy crucial. Integrating with other systems is also challenging due to differing data models and technologies.

Future-proof your innovation strategy

Complexity of legacy packaged app

Packaged applications on legacy mainframes or IBM i platforms tend to be complex and deeply integrated into an organization's operations. These systems often have decades of customizations and integrations, making them difficult to understand and modify.

Unlocking Access for Modernization of Packaged Applications

OpenLegacy's connector technology acts as a bridge between legacy apps and their databases and new cloud based applications - helping organizations leverage their existing investments in legacy systems while allowing them to co-exist and be migrated to new cloud based applications



RPC calls to SAP RFC or BAPI

Temenos T24 TAFC

RPC calls to Temenos T24 based on TAFC

Temenos T24 TAFJ

RPC calls to Temenos T24 based on TAFJ


RPC calls using OData


RPC calls to DXC GraphTalk A.I.A.

Oracle BRM
RPC calls to Oracle BRM
JD Edwards IBMi (AS/400)
RPC calls to business functions of JD Edwards ERP running on IBMi

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises across the globe are using OpenLegacy to unlock the value of their legacy systems

"The flexibility and proactivity of the product allowed us to come up with a tailor-made, easy-to-use solution, while the collaboration was so smooth.”

“Our legacy system was liberated from our middleware stack, resulting in a dramatically streamlined process and significant capital savings.”

"As the bank embarks on a digital journey to modernize our platforms, it is critical that we leverage new technologies to ensure we stay relevant in this competitive space. We are excited to partner with OpenLegacy to bring next-level digital integration for our banking services in South Korea.”

“We've met the car insurance competitive market demand and kept our leading position as a direct insurance company.”

"Leveraging OpenLegacy Hub, its automation, flexibility and decoupling combined with a strong and knowledgeable Customer Success team, we are positioned as a strategic modernization and integration solution."

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