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Unleash Retail Transformation: Integrate Legacy Systems for Enhanced Experiences

Seamlessly unite your existing systems, from POS to inventory management, into a cohesive digital environment. Embrace enhanced agility, efficiency, and customer experiences. Stay competitive and innovate swiftly in the dynamic retail landscape.


How OpenLegacy Solves Top Industry Retail Challenges

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OpenLegacy Solution

Improve customer experience & streamlined workflows (KYC)

Provide faster service access, enabling seamless omnichannel interactions, offering personalized services, enhancing security and compliance measures, and facilitating real-time data access


Meet new compliance and regulatory requirements (GDPR, CCPA)

Include data with pre-configured API specs from complex and hard-to-reach structures like VSAM, IMS, CICS, and other legacy systems. Ensures compatibility with modern platforms, real-time data access, efficient audit trails, and implements consent management mechanisms

Accelerate time to market-1

Faster time-to-market with new digital offerings

Unique low/no code approach to automatically generate digital services in any format from any existing legacy systems


Improve customer personalization with AI

With over 75% of an organization’s data and processes residing in legacy systems, OpenLegacy enriches, enhances, and unlocks AI and personalized experiences to deliver the most comprehensive solutions


Scalability and innovation

Auto generate microservice-based APIs in a cloud native manner using tools such as CLI for a continous modernization practice of a digital factory, enabling organizations to innovate at scale without being held back by their current infrastructure


With OpenLegacy legacy systems can now power personalization for digital consumer experiences





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The Fastest Path to Personalized Digital Retail

OpenLegacy connects directly to core systems, automatically generates digital-ready code, and deploys as standard microservices or serverless functions.

With OpenLegacy, retailers can finally achieve the speed and resilience - harnessing legacy assets for continuous innovation and new personalized digital experiences.


Go Digital 10x Faster

Rapidly launch new digital innovations by harnessing the power of your legacy systems, mainframes, databases, or applications


Reduce Cost by 75%

No special skills needed. No changes to core systems required - dramatically cutting down dev & deployment effort


Built for the Hybrid Cloud

Deploy legacy assets as microservices-based APIs or serverless functions for on-premises, on the cloud or both

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises across the globe are using OpenLegacy to unlock the value of their legacy systems

"The flexibility and proactivity of the product allowed us to come up with a tailor-made, easy-to-use solution, while the collaboration was so smooth.”

“Our legacy system was liberated from our middleware stack, resulting in a dramatically streamlined process and significant capital savings.”

"As the bank embarks on a digital journey to modernize our platforms, it is critical that we leverage new technologies to ensure we stay relevant in this competitive space. We are excited to partner with OpenLegacy to bring next-level digital integration for our banking services in South Korea.”

“We've met the car insurance competitive market demand and kept our leading position as a direct insurance company.”

"Leveraging OpenLegacy Hub, its automation, flexibility and decoupling combined with a strong and knowledgeable Customer Success team, we are positioned as a strategic modernization and integration solution."

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