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Unlocking Access to Databases for Legacy Systems for Seamless Cloud Connectivity

Effortlessly integrate data that resides in hard to reach legacy system databases. Take an automated approach to creating APIs and microservices bypassing traditional middleware to connect directly to the legacy database - Speeding new innovation development from months to days.

Top Challenges for Databases Residing on Legacy Systems

Accelerate time to market-1

Lack of agility

Legacy databases were designed with older hardware limitations, making it challenging to scale them to meet growing data demands. This can result in performance bottlenecks and reduced efficiency as an organization's data needs increase

Drastically reduce cost and risk

Integration complexity

Legacy systems often use outdated hardware and software, leading to compatibility issues with modern applications and tools. This can hinder system integration and data exchange, making it difficult to leverage new technologies.

Future-proof your innovation strategy

Data migration

Transitioning data from a legacy database to a modern system can be complex and error-prone. Legacy databases often have unique data structures and formats that need to be converted, which can lead to data loss or corruption risks.

Unlocking Legacy System Databases

OpenLegacy's connector technology acts as a bridge between legacy databases and modern applications - helping organizations leverage their existing investments in legacy systems while allowing them to meet the demands of modern IT environments more effectively


zOS Mainframe DB2

Mainframe DB2 calls based on Stored Procedures and SQL queries

IBMi (AS/400) DB2 for i (DB400)

IBMi DB2 calls based on SQL queries


RPC calls reading VSAM files from CICS mainframe

SQL Server DB

SQL Server calls based on Stored Procedures and SQL queries

Sybase DB

Sybase calls based on Stored Procedures and SQL queries

Oracle DB
Call to Oracle DB, tables or stored procedures, based on schema
PostgresSQL calls based on Stored Procedures and SQL queries
Database call based on JDBC

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises across the globe are using OpenLegacy to unlock the value of their legacy systems

"The flexibility and proactivity of the product allowed us to come up with a tailor-made, easy-to-use solution, while the collaboration was so smooth.”

“Our legacy system was liberated from our middleware stack, resulting in a dramatically streamlined process and significant capital savings.”

"As the bank embarks on a digital journey to modernize our platforms, it is critical that we leverage new technologies to ensure we stay relevant in this competitive space. We are excited to partner with OpenLegacy to bring next-level digital integration for our banking services in South Korea.”

“We've met the car insurance competitive market demand and kept our leading position as a direct insurance company.”

"Leveraging OpenLegacy Hub, its automation, flexibility and decoupling combined with a strong and knowledgeable Customer Success team, we are positioned as a strategic modernization and integration solution."

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