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Whatever your modernization strategy, do it better with OpenLegacy

Integration difficulties use up resources that could be spent on moving the business forward.

To modernize, teams need to build bridges between the new and old systems. Integration is a means to an end, not the goal.


of enterprises use a
multi/hybrid cloud approach1

By automating integration
with OpenLegacy Hub, teams can increase their efficiency and modernize faster.


of existing enterprise workloads have yet to move to the cloud due to the challenges involved1

Accelerate your modernization strategy

Modernize in Place

Modernize in Place
Instantly generate cloud native services


Rehost/Replatform Simplify your transition with hybrid services


Replace/Rewrite Decommission your legacy risk-free

Generate, extend, and manage digital services from legacy systems to the cloud.

OpenLegacy’s unique, cloud-native platform for legacy modernization helps customers at every stage of the modernization journey. Get high ROI with our simple, disruption-free solution.

Reduce Complexity, Time, Cost, and Risk at Every Phase

Simplify and automate:

  • 1
    Jumpstart your
  • 2
    Optimize the
  • 3
    Complete your

Eliminate painful challenges:

  • Automate access to any core/legacy system
  • Standardize & reuse services design and management
  • Continuous development keeping mission critical systems stable
  • No unique legacy skills required with no/low/full code platform

The world’s leading enterprises rely on OpenLegacy:

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Automate Digital -ES-1


Automate Digital Service Creation from Legacy Systems

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Solution Brief

The Modernization Challenge and the Innovative Solution



Motion is not Progress: How to Modernize with Intent

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