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Why we are so honored

OpenLegacy aims to transform enterprise businesses with innovative, cost effective solutions that enable midrange and mainframe systems to connect with modern systems of engagement in the web, mobile and cloud. Being recognized by Gartner as an important innovator is yet another sign that our open-source integration platform is hitting the target and meeting business needs.

What is Cool about OpenLegacy?

OpenLegacy provides enterprises with a risk-free solution to harness the strength, reliability, and security of their midrange and mainframe environments for doing business in the cloud, mobile, and web. OpenLegacy is disruptive because it delivers results without the overhead of purchasing expensive technology, without requiring changes to on premise systems, and without vendor lock-in. Instead, OpenLegacy delivers a fast, simple, automated, DIY approach that empowers the enterprise to integrate and innovate.

How does OpenLegacy do it?

OpenLegacy uses API technology to extend back-end applications and data, reducing reliance on traditional closed-source enterprise service buses (ESBs) and vendor-based legacy modernization solutions. OpenLegacy frees the enterprise to build on the value of on premise systems rather than replacing them.

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