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Your All-in-One Integration Platform for SAP and Beyond

Accelerate SAP integration to the outside world in minutes without complex installations or development. Extend your SAP, ERM, CRM, and industry solutions with only a few clicks.


Break Free from SAP ERP Constraints: Integrate with the Cloud, Securely and Simply

Don't let the SAP PI/PO sunset disrupt your digital transformation. OpenLegacy Hub empowers you to integrate SAP with any system and purpose, in days, not months.

Faster Time to Market Violet

Effortless and secure integrations

Skip complex APIs and data formats. OpenLegacy Hub's pre-built connectors and low-code tools get you connected in days, not months, with enterprise-grade security.
Cloud Agility Unlocked

Cloud Agility Unlocked

Bridge the gap between SAP and the cloud. OpenLegacy Hub seamlessly connects your ERP to any cloud application, boosting flexibility and innovation.
Drastically reduce cost and risk

Reduce risk

Ditch expensive tools and consultants. OpenLegacy Hub's affordable subscription model lets you integrate on your terms, without major upfront investments.

Free Your SAP ERP Future and Embrace the Cloud with OpenLegacy Hub and Pre-built Connectors

OpenLegacy Hub offers a liberating solution, empowering you to break free from complex integrations, costly lock-in and outdated technology. Our connector technology acts as a bridge between SAP and modern applications - helping organizations leverage their existing investments in SAP systems while allowing them to meet the demands of modern IT environments more effectively. 


SAP Java

Bi-directional communication with standard and customized  BAPIs

Bi-directional communication using IDoc

SAP Triggers

Send data out of SAP to any system and accept data back

Customer Stories

Leading enterprises across the globe are using OpenLegacy Hub to accelerate their integration with the cloud

"With OpenLegacy, we accomplished projects and goals that previously a team of 100 couldn’t complete. For us, OpenLegacy not only helps us leverage our existing technology investments, but also our valuable staff. IT Executive, Indian Manufacturing Company".

"We were excited to see how quickly we could get all the data from various legacy systems. OpenLegacy’s support for IBM i and SAP was a huge win for Autogrill’s digitalization and modernization strategy".

"With OpenLegacy, we simplified the integration process and now connect to our customers’ systems within days instead of months. Faster onboarding means faster ROI for both our clients and us. It’s definitely a huge advantage".

"As a major manufacturer, error detection is incredibly important not only for efficiency but also the bottom line. OpenLegacy had an innovative solution that also utilized open standards which also helped alleviate challenges finding the right skills and resources".

"With the use of OpenLegacy, .NET applications are working directly with SAP, and no need for any middleware. Eliminating middleware solutions resulted in better performance even at high volume"'


Begin Today with SAP ERP Integration

Don't let SAP PI/PO sunset hold your business back. Choose freedom and future-proof your integration strategy with OpenLegacy Hub.

OpenLegacy Hub solves real-world integration challenges, like syncing real-time inventory data with an e-commerce platform or automating order fulfillment between SAP and a CRM system.

Accelerate time to market-1

Incredibly fast

Rapidly connect your SAP ERP to any cloud application in days, not months.
Faster Time to Market

Cut integration costs in half

Streamline integration processes without specialized skills or hefty upfront investments.

Choose freedom

Unlock new possibilities for innovation and agility across your digital landscape.

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