This offering contains everything you need in order to connect your IBM system/z mainframe to the world. Be it a REST API, a web or mobile app, a web service or even a cloud integration OpenLegacy zSuite has got you covered.

With the zSuite connectors you can unlock your mainframe data from any layer:

  • Presentation layer
    OpenLegacy’s 3270 connector can automatically scan and parse green screens to gather data and metadata with very little effort on your part. The connectors can identify on it’s own the screens fields, titles, data types, actions, tables, headlines, constants and even the relationships between the different screens. While everything is detected automatically, you can always change and configure this to fit your needs perfectly.
  • Business Logic Layer
    OpenLegacy zSuite RPC connectors allow you to access COBOL/NATURAL/PLI and other programs running on CICS. This connector parses the program source code to find the exact data structure needed for activation, it takes care of data types conversion and creates a strong type OpenLegacy entity which maps and abstracts calls to that program as APIs.
  • Data Layer
    OpenLegacy Database connector enables you to expose DB2 or any other JDBC compliant database as services and API. You can use this connector to allow modern clients to access your legacy data or you can even create automatically and out of the box an entire CRUD web or mobile app based on your tables.

z Suite



Secure Web Gateway

If you are considering opening your backend environment to the web visit our Secure Web Gateway solution.