About OpenLegacy

“If you build it they will come” is a line from a famous movie that also defines what happened 20 years ago when innovating with rigid, technologies was ‘all the rave.’ The core (legacy) systems were churning transactions then just as they do now.

So what happened?

Six billion mobile phones and one billion web sites is what happened. They’ve created a trillion dollar global business opportunity which require - actually demands - that you look at how to best integrate your core (legacy) systems to digital services. And the bold truth is that your decision will make the difference between corporate growth or stunning losses.

Let’s face it, current models using core (legacy) systems to support digital services just aren’t working. They’re slow. They’re costly. They’re complex. They require special staff. Companies who throw tons of staff and budget at the problem often still can’t solve it whether using a traditional ESB, SOA, vendor tools or manually built APIs.

OpenLegacy is the young innovative company asking if you want or need to incorporate your core (legacy) systems as part of your digital strategy. We know how to slash legacy API integration from 6 months to hours, even create a legacy API in minutes. Our company may be young, but the founders aren’t (necessarily). We know core (legacy) systems. We are leading the legacy API integration revolution.

Are you open to a new digital integration model?

In the 6 months it takes you to train your staff to implement APIs with multiple proprietary tools, with OpenLegacy you could deliver hundreds of APIs.

Any organization struggling with backlog, legacy IT complexity and tension over business demands should give us a shot. We remove common obstacles to innovation and let the business set the pace.

We replace a few other 4-letter words with “F-A-S-T”

OpenLegacy specializes in automating API creation, optimization, testing, deployment and management for core (legacy) systems: the entire API lifecycle.

Our patented approach bypasses layers of complexity to directly access and extend business logic to web, mobile or cloud innovations in the form of java objects, or as RestAPIs or SOAP. Most importantly, this process is not only fast, easy and secure, but also does not require special staff skills or changes to existing systems or architecture.

Projects that used to take developers months now take days or weeks, thus quickly deflating project backlog and dramatically improving time-to-value.

We know how to do this – we’ve done it for Global 50 companies.

We understand the complexity of your issues because we’ve been there – hey, we even know COBOL copybooks.

Based on customer feedback from companies big and small, including massive 50B global giants – we’ve succeeded. In fact, we’ve solved issues that even the “name brand” vendors couldn’t tackle. Is it still true “no one gets fired for choosing IBM?” We’re not so sure.

Yeah, we know that all sounds like BS. That’s why we offer a variety of ways to prove our abilities to you in a risk-free environment.

Check out our software and services pilots and engagements.