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Ways to Overcome Common IBM Mainframe Challenges

Ways to Overcome Common IBM Mainframe Challenges

Using microservices and APIs to leverage data and business logic locked inside IBM mainframes (z/OS) are often a slow and time consuming task. Mainframe application releases are more frequent[...]

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Hans Otharsson

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APIs Connect Businesses to their Market, Wherever it May Be

February 07, 2016

Business is transforming. Once business was conducted at specific places. Now it can be conducted anywhere through a variety of channels including cloud, mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT). And[...]

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Breaking Bad Projects: How APIs Fuel Legacy Modernization For Your 5250 Systems

December 16, 2015

Modernization of Legacy applications that reside on IBM i AS/400 and mainframe infrastructures is not an easy undertaking. These systems have been developed over years or decades at considerable[...]

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Challenges and Opportunities in Quick Customer Responses

November 05, 2015

Customers on-the-go appreciate their service providers delivering meaningful, useful information to them – directly to their mobile devices. For example, imagine the effect of sending a[...]

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Legacy Modernization for Healthcare

September 22, 2015

It is a widely accepted myth that medicine requires complex, highly specialized information-technology (IT) systems. This myth continues to justify soaring IT costs, burdensome physician[...]

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ETL vs. API: Understanding the Implications for Legacy Modernization

August 25, 2015

Business is changing, but there are two things you know for sure. You love your legacy mainframe systems, and you need to modernize to help keep your company competitive in today’s mobile world.[...]

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IT Leaders Meeting Demands with Lower Budgets in 2015

July 14, 2015

With the increased technology demands of companies today, every year IT departments are expected to do more with less. But this year, IT leaders don’t seem to be worried.

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Why Developers Should Avoid Screen Scraping

May 28, 2015

When OpenLegacy first describes what we do – extending mainframe assets to web, mobile and cloud environments – the inevitable initial response is always, "Oh, you do screen scraping." While it’s[...]

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RPG: A Dead End or Path to Mobility?

May 14, 2015

Every good Mainframe/Mid-Range Administrator knows the value of RPG – the “official language” of backend application development. Originally released in 1959 for modifying punch card machines,[...]

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Legacy Modernization: Are PHP and Java Mortal Enemies?

April 29, 2015

If you work on legacy modernization projects, you may have come to view PHP and Java as the mortal enemies of the programming world. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Those Were the (Mainframe) Days, My Friend

April 16, 2015

If you’re the type of person who gets upset when people talk about the death of the mainframe, and fondly remember using an IBM Selectric typewriter as an input console, then you, too, may enjoy[...]

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Questions We Were Asked at the WMCPA and NEUGC Events

April 08, 2015

March was a busy month for OpenLegacy as we made our way up to Wisconsin and Massachusetts for two regional COMMON events. In this post, we wanted to share a few notes on our experience and our[...]

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Integrate vs. Recreate: Which is Right for Your Business?

April 01, 2015

IT groups with legacy investments are constantly being asked how they plan to make them compatible with next-gen environments. After all, employees everywhere are clamoring for anytime/anywhere[...]

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API 101: The Fast Path to Legacy Modernization

March 18, 2015

Since the advent of IT, the inability to easily integrate disparate systems has plagued corporate efforts to adapt to changing business needs. Fed up, technologists created Application Programming[...]

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Develop Mobile Apps with AS/400 Applications: 6 Things to Avoid

March 10, 2015

No two development projects are the same; every enterprise will have different goals and success metrics for creating mobile apps tied to their AS/400 systems. Regardless of scope, there are[...]

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Rethinking Mainframe Modernization: Top 5 Misconceptions

February 24, 2015

With all the lip service paid to making business apps more mobile or accessible from the cloud, many mainframe owners are starting to feel left out. That’s because they still believe that[...]

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Technology and Enterprise Modernization - your 30 day roadmap

February 11, 2015

It might seem slightly ironic that new technology can save old technology – not replace it. In this sense, we’re referring to technological advances that make it possible for an enterprise to[...]

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Choosing the right tool to extend legacy’s reach to the Web, mobile and cloud networks

January 22, 2015

Legacy systems offer high stability and high quality data. But you need them to go farther: for example, work with other applications running on other platforms ranging from the cloud, to the web[...]

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8 Reasons API’s Are Replacing the Big Vendor Integration Approach

November 21, 2014

If your company is a typical large enterprise, you have hundreds – maybe thousands – of applications that your team built, you bought from a third party vendor, and came built into a legacy system.[...]

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The 3 Top Reasons to Use Open Source for Legacy Modernization

November 18, 2014

Open source software is the best solution for your legacy modernization project – and we’re not just saying that because that is, in fact, how we help companies move their legacy systems into the[...]

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Why Can’t Legacy Systems and Mobile Apps Just Get Along?

November 12, 2014

One of the biggest frustrations we hear from customers over and over is the difficulty of integrating legacy systems with mobile and web apps, whether those apps for are for internal use by their[...]

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How to Avoid These 5 Common Mistakes in a Legacy Modernization Project

October 20, 2014

When your team is gearing up for a legacy modernization project, the uncertainty of how smoothly and quickly it will go can cause a lot of people a lot of headaches. That is only natural, as it is a[...]

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5 Reasons You Need An Open Source Legacy Modernization Platform

October 13, 2014

How would you like to modernize your organization’s legacy software, systems, and/or network quickly, easily, and without spending a fortune?

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