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Virtual Event: Aug 27, Technology Innovation & Leadership Virtual Seminar: Innovation, Management, Strategy & Execution

August 27, 10:00 am - 1:00 pm CST

While the many "mysteries" of innovation have been unlocked through technology and dev ops strategies, the key to creating consistent returns and the occasional "breakthrough" is balancing the four pillars:

  • Strategy - Balancing the dual needs of evolutionary innovation for the current business model while simultaneously creating the new.

  • Innovation Management - Manage the entire process of innovation, from idea generation to portfolio management and agile project development and project management.

  • Utilizing an Integrated Technology Operating Model - Modern models integrate it, development and the business together as single units and not separate operations.

  • Execution - Combining effective management techniques for leveraging virtual development using combinations of dev ops and new development and SAAS tool sets.

Join us as we explore how successful companies are successfully managing these four pillars for modern Innovation Strategy, Management & Execution.

Live Event: October 29, Digital Transformation Summit, Chicago

October 29