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OpenLegacy + Amazon: Create legacy APIs
quickly and easily for management in the AWS cloud

“Combining AWS’s best-of-breed cloud Management with OpenLegacy’s automated access to your back-end systems”

Remove the time-consuming complexity and risk when creating interfaces with legacy systems

  • Flexible Deployment Options - Whether deploying as Lambda functions or microservice-based APIs, OpenLegacy has you covered
  • Serverless Deployment - Quick generation of NodeJS as Lambda functions
  • Container-based Deployment - Automatic generation of cloud-native microservice-based APIs
  • Faster Time to Market - No hand coding or custom configurations needed for usage by AWS cloud management
  • Extremely Low Latency - Connection to the legacy system is direct, delivering optimal performance.
  • Lower Maintenance and TCO - Improve operational efficiency by bypassing layers of complex ESB/SOA based middleware
  • DevOps Ready - Generate test and deploy APIs quicker with OpenLegacy platform connected to the AWS cloud

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European Bank uses OpenLegacy to deploy APIs from IMS applications into AWS cloud in days.

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Branch of Leading Bank Speeds Time-To-Market by 50% by leveraging AWS serverless functions

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