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Expand Specialized Legacy Connectivity
for Collibra

“Within two days, OpenLegacy created APIs for standard transactions, including payments and other financial products, compared to 5-7 weeks using another API orchestration product”

Quickly pull metadata for any legacy asset including tough ones like AS400, VSAM, IMS, CICS for use in Collibra

Until now data retrieval and tracing its lineage from core and legacy systems have been complex and time-consuming. With OpenLegacy it is easy to leverage legacy system assets. OpenLegacy connects legacy systems directly to the Collibra APIs.

  • Easy tracing - of data lineage and impact analysis
  • No legacy skills needed - Integration is easily generated by a single Java developer
  • No complex middleware - Direct connection to your core legacy system assets eliminates need for middleware
  • Instant access to current data - No snapshots - retrieving what data you need when you need it

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Solution Brief
How Collibra + OpenLegacy Can Help You Achieve Complete Data Intelligence and Governance
Expand Specialized Legacy Connectivity for Collibra
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Expand Collibra’s Data Intelligence
Platform Reach with Specialized Legacy Connectivity
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OpenLegacy Connector for Core Systems: AS/400 (IBM i), IMS, VSAM, CICS, other legacy assets
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