At OpenLegacy we work with partners and consultants worldwide to help them provide rapid, cost effective solutions to bring legacy applications into the digital world.


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Do you have current customers or prospects that need to:

  • Integrate to new suppliers/vendors or new application systems
  • Have a pressing business need to extend the legacy assets to the web, cloud or mobile/tablet world
  • Open up legacy data and systems to new business markets and opportunities
  • Deal with the pain of new competitors that don’t need to deal with Legacy Luggage

Do you want to extend your value to your customers by:

  • Helping them with a cost effective, timely solution while at the same time enabling them to control their own destiny
  • Not having to have another “vendor licensing cost” therapy session
  • Work with a team that truly appreciates their partners’ value and does not compete with them

A simple setup with technical, sales and marketing support can help you meet your business goals and expand your service offerings quickly.

Contact us today for more information.