At OpenLegacy we work with technology and industry partners and consultants worldwide to help them provide rapid, cost effective solutions to bring legacy applications into the digital world.



Do you have current customers or prospects that need to:

  • Integrate to new suppliers/vendors or new application systems
  • Have a pressing business need to extend the legacy assets to the web, cloud or mobile/tablet world
  • Open up legacy data and systems to new business markets and opportunities
  • Deal with the pain of new competitors that don’t need to deal with Legacy Luggage

Do you want to extend your value to your customers by:

  • Helping them with a cost effective, timely solution while at the same time enabling them to control their own destiny
  • Not having to have another “vendor licensing cost” therapy session
  • Work with a team that truly appreciates their partners’ value and does not compete with them

A simple setup with technical, sales and marketing support can help you meet your business goals and expand your service offerings quickly.

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