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Drive greater value for your customers
with easy access to legacy data

Industry Partners

Your pathway to the world of core system data

OpenLegacy is the modernization platform built for a partners-first architecture.

Whether you’re looking to rapidly onboard new customers or enhance the completeness of your platform solution – OpenLegacy accelerates your path to monolithic core system data and assets.


Technology Partners

Industry-leading Cloud, ISVs & API Management companies that benefit from integrating with OpenLegacy


Systems Integrators

Enablers of digital initiatives implementing OpenLegacy in support of customers desired business outcomes

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Commercial Use Partners (OEM | MSP | HSP)

Leading organizations that integrate OpenLegacy connectivity into own product or service offering

Person Headshot Connectors

Value-Added Resellers

Distributors of the OpenLegacy Platform along with unique IP of regional market and/or industry

We also welcome referral partners as well as individual consultants and academia.

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OpenLegacy offers solutions for
partners across the technology ecosystem.


Streamline and simplify integration with monolithic core systems. Consume continuously-tested, reusable integration assets directly from a central OpenLegacy Hub environment.

Learn how enterprises accelerate mainframe integration by 10x.

API Management

Consume and manage APIs generated using OpenLegacy Hub’s no-code low-code, solutions.

See how enterprises seamlessly manage APIs built from core data.

Data Management

Retrieve the legacy and core system data you need when you need it through automatically generated APIs. Leverage the data to support data governance or just general access use cases.

Discover how to deal with legacy data to support regulatory needs

Cloud Providers

Bring all parts of the IT landscape into the cloud ecosystem by consuming digital services generated from core systems and data.

Watch how enterprises quickly generate low-code REST services to deploy to the cloud.


Our Partner Network

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