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OpenLegacy + Amazon Web Services: Better together

An ideal solution to modernize legacy systems and accelerate digital transformation while ensuring fast time-to-market, cost savings, and boundless innovation in a co-existing hybrid architecture


Scalability and Flexibility

Organizations can swiftly integrate their legacy systems using OpenLegacy and then scale these integrations on-demand using AWS's flexible infrastructure. This combination ensures that businesses can meet fluctuating demand without large upfront infrastructure costs or complex migration processes.

Speed and Innovation

Companies can not only rapidly expose their legacy systems to the digital world but also quickly iterate and evolve these systems using AWS's innovative services. This rapid iteration ensures that businesses remain competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape.

Security and Reliability

By pairing OpenLegacy's secure integration mechanisms with AWS's robust security offerings, organizations can ensure that their legacy data and systems are both accessible and protected. Moreover, AWS's globally distributed infrastructure guarantees high availability, further ensuring the reliability of integrated legacy systems.



AWS + OpenLegacy - A better way to leverage legacy assets in the cloud


Using OpenLegacy for legacy system integration and deployment to the AWS cloud

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OpenLegacy Integration with AWS - How it Works In 10 Easy Steps


OpenLegacy & AWS: Mainframe to AWS with Kafka

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