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OpenLegacy + Axway: Better together

Bridge IT infrastructures with digital innovations, fostering agile processes and seamless integrations. Drive digital transformation confidently, maximizing business value from every asset

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Unified Integration Across Systems

OpenLegacy's adeptness in exposing legacy systems as agile APIs perfectly complements Axway's prowess in API management. This combination ensures not only a smooth integration of older systems into modern platforms but also robust control and management of the data flow, enhancing the digital synergy

Accelerated Digital Transformation with Secure Data

OpenLegacy's swift integration capabilities, combined with Axway's robust data exchange tools, ensure businesses can transform digitally while maintaining data security and integrity. Organizations can confidently bridge the old with the new, knowing that their data exchange is both agile and secure

Enhanced Collaboration and Ecosystem Expansion

OpenLegacy's capacity to make legacy data sources available is amplified by Axway’s solutions that promote ecosystem growth. Businesses can not only utilize their legacy data but can also foster enhanced collaborations, entering new markets and forging stronger partnerships

Solution Brief

Learn more how OpenLegacy complements the Amplify API integration platform by automating the generation of cloud-native SDKs for legacy infrastructure


OpenLegacy connects directly to monolithic core systems to generate microservice-ready APIs and serverless functions, enabling enterprises to rapidly compose new business offerings and customer experiences.

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