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OpenLegacy + Axway

OpenLegacy + Axway: Better together

Create Seamless Enterprise Integration Platform for Legacy Mainframe and Midrange Systems


Turnkey Integration

An automated process for connecting SAP On-premise and other hard-to-access legacy systems and data.


Cost Reduction

Remove the need for costly ESB middleware. Create a service that communicates directly and non-intrusively with back-end systems.


Architecture Flexibility

Build scalable APIs without need to rip and replace existing architecture or legacy infrastructure. Build visually with a fluid no-code/low-code interface.


Development Speed

Automatically generate digital assets from core systems - no need for specialized skillsets or tooling.

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Solution Brief

Learn more how OpenLegacy complements the Amplify API integration platform by automating the generation of cloud-native SDKs for legacy infrastructure



OpenLegacy connects directly to monolithic core systems to generate microservice-ready APIs and serverless functions, enabling enterprises to rapidly compose new business offerings and customer experiences.

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