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Extend Comprehensive Sensitive Data Management for Hard to Reach Legacy Systems. Gain unparalleled insight into data across all systems, old and new, ensuring compliance and optimized management. Navigate modern data governance with a solution that bridges the past and future privacy 

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Holistic Legacy Integration with Data Insight

As OpenLegacy unlocks and streamlines access to data within legacy systems, BigID provides a comprehensive view and understanding of this data. Organizations not only gain seamless integration from old systems to modern platforms but also deep insights into the nature and location of their data

Enhanced Data Privacy and Compliance

OpenLegacy’s seamless integration capabilities, paired with BigID's robust data privacy tools, ensure that businesses can migrate and utilize legacy data while being confident in their compliance with data protection standards. This combination provides a solid foundation for data governance and privacy assurance

Operational Efficiency with Risk Reduction

OpenLegacy's swift integration and modernization capabilities, combined with BigID’s ability to pinpoint and manage data risks, ensure businesses can operate efficiently while significantly reducing potential data-related vulnerabilities. This collaborative approach empowers businesses to innovate with the peace of mind that their data is well-understood and safeguarded

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Unlock Legacy Data for Regulatory Compliance and Data Protection

Solution Brief

The BigID + OpenLegacy solution for managing sensitive data across core mainframe systems.

Case Study

A large insurance company achieves regulatory compliance with privacy laws. BigID & OpenLegacy combine forces to extend sensitive data management to core legacy system

White Paper

Conquering Data Governance Challenges


OpenLegacy Mainframe connectors certified for BigID including: VSAM, IMS, CICS and CTG.

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