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OpenLegacy + Boomi: Better Together

Streamline the connection between legacy systems and digital apps, enabling accelerated digital transformation with a holistic integration solution that offers a bridge between past and future

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Seamless Integration Across the Board

The synergy of OpenLegacy's ability to expose legacy systems as modern APIs and Boomi's integration prowess ensures that businesses achieve a truly connected ecosystem. This combination facilitates smooth data flow and process automation between legacy and contemporary systems, eliminating silos and enhancing efficiency

Accelerated Digital Transformation

Organizations can fast-track their digital transformation journey by rapidly connecting their legacy systems using OpenLegacy and seamlessly integrating them with other applications and data sources via Boomi. This acceleration ensures businesses remain agile and competitive in the digital age

End-to-End Visibility and Governance

Pairing OpenLegacy's modernization capabilities with Boomi's governance tools allows organizations to maintain full visibility and control over their entire IT landscape. This integrated view ensures consistent data quality, timely anomaly detection, and facilitates informed decision-making

Introduction to OpenLegacy + Boomi

The fastest path to incorporating your legacy assets
for new innovations


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The Digital Future of Legacy: The 7 Top Questions Answered


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Solution Brief

OpenLegacy Enhances Boomi with API-driven Access to Legacy Assets


Learn how to fully build and configure a Boomi Integration Process to interact with OpenLegacy

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