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OpenLegacy + Collibra: Better together

Ensure consistent data governance while modernizing legacy systems, bridging the gap between traditional infrastructures and digital demands. Streamline compliance and data access with a future-proof solution. Quickly pull metadata for any legacy asset (including tough ones likeAS400, VSAM, IMS and CICS) for use in Collibra

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Comprehensive Data Intelligence and Integration

As OpenLegacy makes legacy data more accessible, Collibra can then catalog this data, offering organizations a unified, comprehensive view of their data landscape. This combination allows businesses to harness the value of all their data, both new and legacy, to drive informed decision-making and insights

Accelerated Digital Transformation with Trustworthy Data

Organizations can speed up their digital transformation initiatives with the confidence that the data they are utilizing, irrespective of its source, meets quality and compliance standards. This symbiotic relationship ensures an agile, yet reliable, transformation journey

Empowered Data Collaboration Across Silos

By merging OpenLegacy's capability to dissolve data silos with Collibra's collaborative data governance tools, organizations can achieve a seamless flow of data across departments. This integrated environment fosters better collaboration among teams, ensuring that they are aligned and driven by a unified data strategy

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Solution Brief

How Collibra + OpenLegacy Can Help You Achieve Complete Data Intelligence and Governance


Expand Collibra’s Data Intelligence Platform Reach with Specialized Legacy Connectivity

Collibra Marketplace

OpenLegacy Connector for Core Systems: AS/400 (IBM i), IMS, VSAM, CICS, other legacy assets

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Conquering Data Governance Challenges

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