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OpenLegacy + Compuware: Better together

Maximize mainframe investments by seamlessly bridging them with contemporary digital platforms, while maintaining reliability and harnessing agility and connectivity in the modern era

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End-to-End Mainframe Modernization

OpenLegacy's capability to morph legacy systems into accessible APIs dovetails perfectly with Compuware's expertise in enhancing mainframe operations. This integration ensures that businesses get a comprehensive solution to modernize their mainframe environments from both operational and integration perspectives

Boosted Developer Productivity with Legacy Integration

As OpenLegacy makes the mainframe data and functions more accessible, Compuware ensures developers can effectively work on these systems. This combined approach ensures rapid software development cycles and tighter integration between mainframe systems and modern platforms

Enhanced Agility and Performance

OpenLegacy's aptitude in seamlessly connecting legacy systems to new-age platforms combined with Compuware’s solutions ensures mainframes not only perform optimally but also adapt swiftly to changing business needs, ensuring both agility and performance

Solution Brief

Learn more about modern APIs for mainframes with OpenLegacy and Compuware


Integration with Compuware Topaz In 10 Easy Steps


How OpenLegacy & Compuware Topaz simplify the creation of APIs for mainframes in a few easy steps

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