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OpenLegacy + Finastra: Better together

Connect and innovate core banking and financial systems, leveraging advanced digital solutions while preserving existing investments. Dive into the future with robust functionality and rapid adaptability

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Enhanced Digital Banking Experience

By leveraging OpenLegacy's modernization capabilities with Finastra's cutting-edge banking software, financial institutions can offer their customers an enriched digital banking experience. This integration ensures that customers benefit from the latest digital banking features, all while the bank efficiently utilizes its legacy assets

Agile Financial Solution Development

Institutions can expedite their digital transformation and solution development processes. By swiftly connecting legacy systems using OpenLegacy and leveraging Finastra's innovative platforms, banks and financial institutions can roll out new solutions or services at a pace that keeps them ahead of the competition

Unified, Compliant Financial Ecosystem

The amalgamation of OpenLegacy's secure integration mechanisms with Finastra's regulatory-compliant solutions ensures that financial institutions not only deliver superior services but also operate within stringent regulatory frameworks. This harmony ensures that while innovation thrives, risks are minimized

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