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OpenLegacy + Google Application Integration: Better together

Effortlessly bridge the gap between legacy and modern technologies, promoting fluid data exchanges and cohesive digital ecosystems. A holistic approach that respects your legacy while embracing the future

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End-to-End Integration Solution

OpenLegacy’s ability to expose legacy systems as modern APIs finds a natural partner in Google Application Integration's tools. This pairing allows businesses to manage, deploy, and scale integrations from legacy to cloud systems under a single, cohesive framework, streamlining operations and reducing integration friction

Scalability and Performance

As organizations harness legacy data and functionalities with OpenLegacy, Google Application Integration ensures these are scalable, performant, and reliable. This combination guarantees that businesses can accommodate growth and fluctuating demands with confidence

Enhanced Security and Governance

Pairing OpenLegacy's secure approach to legacy integration with Google Application Integration's robust security and governance tools ensures data protection, integrity, and compliance. Organizations can be confident that their data and processes are shielded from threats while adhering to required standards

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