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OpenLegacy + Google Cloud Platform: Better together

Experience a fast and efficient solution to revive legacy systems in the modern cloud era. Unleash innovation, maximize effectiveness, and seamlessly connect traditional systems with cutting-edge solutions

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Data-Driven Decision Making

Organizations can tap into their legacy systems using OpenLegacy and then channel this data into GCP's analytics and AI tools. This seamless integration allows businesses to harness their existing data for insights, trends, and predictive analytics, thereby driving data-informed decision-making

End-to-End Integration and Modernization

Organizations can quickly connect their legacy systems to the digital world using OpenLegacy and subsequently leverage GCP's development tools to build, deploy, and manage modern applications that interact seamlessly with these systems. This combination accelerates the digital transformation journey

Enhanced Security and Governance

Merging OpenLegacy's secure integration techniques with GCP's state-of-the-art security measures ensures that legacy data and applications remain both accessible and shielded from threats. Furthermore, GCP's governance tools allow businesses to manage, monitor, and audit data and services, ensuring compliance and control over their digital assets

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