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OpenLegacy + Apigee: Better together

Swiftly expose legacy assets as modern APIs while maintaining a robust, scalable, and managed interface to their digital touchpoints. Unlock existing systems with API integration and modernization

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Streamlined API Lifecycle Management

OpenLegacy's ability to expose legacy systems as APIs aligns seamlessly with Apigee's platform for managing, monitoring, and securing these APIs. This synergy allows businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of their APIs, from creation in legacy environments to deployment and monitoring in modern ecosystems, all under one integrated framework

Accelerated Digital Innovation with Legacy Assets

Organizations can swiftly tap into their legacy data and processes using OpenLegacy and harness Apigee's capabilities to drive digital innovation. This combined approach allows businesses to quickly iterate and bring to market new products or services, leveraging both legacy and new data sources

Enhanced Security and Scalability

Merging OpenLegacy's secure integration of legacy systems with Apigee's robust API security ensures that business data is not only accessible but also protected from potential threats. Additionally, the scalability of the Apigee platform ensures that as businesses grow, their API infrastructure can handle the increased demand without performance bottlenecks


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