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OpenLegacy + HPE GreenLake: Better together

Leverage scalable, pay-as-you-go infrastructure solutions to seamlessly connect traditional core systems with modern digital platforms. Experience a hybrid environment where cloud agility meets legacy stability

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Flexible Integration with Cloud Scalability

OpenLegacy’s capability to modernize legacy systems aligns perfectly with HPE GreenLake's cloud-like flexibility. Businesses can integrate legacy data sources with modern applications and scale operations in a cloud environment, ensuring optimized resource allocation and cost efficiencies

Rapid Digitalization with On-Demand Infrastructure

As OpenLegacy streamlines the integration of legacy systems, HPE GreenLake ensures that the infrastructure is always ready to support this transformation. Businesses benefit from a swift, adaptive, and cost-effective digital evolution

Enhanced Security and Compliance

OpenLegacy's commitment to secure data integration and HPE GreenLake’s focus on comprehensive security and compliance guarantees that as businesses evolve, their data remains protected, and compliance standards are consistently met

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